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Q. Can I open my car windows straight after my windows are tinted?

Q. Does the rear window defroster of my car affect the window tint?

Q. Does the window tint bubble up after time?

Q. Do you tint the rear window of my car in one piece?

Q. I've seen lots of tinted vehicles close up with creases and bubbles everywhere, will my windows look like that?

Q. When I come to sell my vehicle, can the tint be removed?

Q. Does my vehicle windows have to be clean upon arrival?

Q. Now my vehicle is tinted, I've noticed a few scratches on the outside of the glass that I haven't noticed before, where have they come from?

Q. What is the best way to clean you tinted windows?

Q. Can I tint my windscreen?

Q. Will window film help in preventing fading?

Q. How long does the tinting last?

Q. Will it affect my GPS signal?

Q. I've got a cheaper price from someone else!



A1. Manufacturers recommend you leave the windows for 2 weeks, but it all depends on the time of the year you have you windows tinted.

A2. No you can use the defrosters within 1-2 days.

A3. The quality of the film we use will not bubble naturally, within a few days the film will completely dry out and will stick completely.

A4. It is EXTREMELY rare the rear window has to be done in 2 pieces of window tint.

A5. NO the film must not have been fitted by a professional window tinting firm.

A6. Yes we offer a removal service, but rarely buyers ask for professionally fitted film to be removed, if anything window tinting can add value to the car.

A7. We prefer it too be but its not life or death.

A8. When window film is fitted it can show any scratches that were previously not 100% visible.

A9. Just standard glass cleaner will do the trick on tinted windows.

A10. Its illegal for anyone to apply film to the windscreen, only safety film can be applied if required.

A11. Yes it stops harmful UV rays.

A12. It can last the duration of the cars life, if looked after.

A13. No it will not effect GPS in any way.

A14. Then we can have a chat to you and tell you a few reasons why!

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John fryer, Mansfield Woodhouse

May 2010

 I would like to thank and recommend the lads, I have a VW Transporter that I use as transport for my disabled daughter, This has made the world of difference to her as a way of taking the sun out of her eyes and also providing her with the privacy she deserves. Thank you.

Jonny Holmes, New Ollerton
Aug 2009

My Corsa looks Sweet as Dudes, Also the graphics you fitted are the NUTS. These boyz rule…………


June 2010
Being a motor trader I use these lads often with cars I buy and sell and the service and price they provide is very good, and there a friendly bunch of lads. I tell everyone to use tint me ride when I am asked.  Never had any problems with their standard of work either
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Aug 2010

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